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RIP Joanna Pope Domestic Science Teacher

We have received the sad news that Miss Joanna Pope passed away suddenly on 2 March.

Joanna Pope Joanna Pope
Miss Pope taught Domestic Science at St Swithun's for 31 years from 1964 to 1995. She was a regular visitor after retirement and it was a joy to see her at OGA Day last September. A Thanksgiving Service is to be held for her at Winchester Cathedral on 12th April at 2.30 pm. All warmly welcomed. 

Here are just a selection of the huge number of Old Girls' memories of Miss Pope

I have such fond memories of Miss Pope - whenever I make pastry I can still hear her voice nearly 40 years on saying “turn the PASTRY not your BODY”.
Clearly, she made a huge impression on us all! How very sad x
I too have very fond memories of Miss Pope
Sad news. She could be formidable at times but had a heart of gold.
I used to see Joanna in the Cathedral frequently and we always had a chuckle about something. She was an absolute delight and will be missed so much by the Cathedral community.
Yes fond memories of making pastry (puff!) and making a blouse and skirt. Never since done any of them I have to say but did like her as a teacher a lot x
I am deeply saddened to read this. Miss Pope (Popeye) was formidable and enormous fun in equal measures. I too can still hear her words of turn the pastry, not yourself every time I roll pastry!
Very, very sad at this news was literally talking about her over the weekend to explain who influenced a massive career shift for me - the answer was Miss Pope.  She was a legendary teacher and is one of the reason's I finally quit Corporate HR and followed a dream to become a Sourdough Baker.  She taught a beautiful domestic science, always precisely prepared, carefully instructed and documented, dutifully for years, dealing with all of our nuances and commanded so much respect you just knew it was not worth it.  RIP Joanna Pope thank you for everything you gave us I hope you knew how much it meant to all of us.
I can remember her walking up behind me. I had a bad habit of rocking on the front legs of my chair. She shouted at me to "Sit properly" and I sat back suddenly, landing on her foot!! RIP, Miss Pope. (And sorry about your foot)
How many people thought of Miss Pope as we all made pancakes last week?  What sad news - feel very lucky to have last seen her at OG Day in September x
Very sad news. I still have my small orange exercise book from when we started cookery lessons and I do refer to it occasionally! She was hugely supportive when she was temporary housemistress of Earlsdown. Miss Pope, or Joanna as she insisted on being called after we left, was a fantastic lady.
Miss Pope was one of two teachers at Swithun's that had a profound effect on me. She was strict and clear on boundaries but underneath it she had a heart of gold. She was my class teacher aged 11 and also for Home Economics - I think her clarity of feedback on my cooking is a big part of why I went into business instead. She caught me drinking the sherry in the kitchen at 15 and told me it was not good for drinking any more - that is why the school gave it to her to cook with. She caught me smoking behind the old swimming pool - in floods of tears as my parents had just split up - and she made me stub it out and then told me joke (which was rubbish) and we both laughed. She said no matter how bad a thing made you feel there was always something a moment away that would make you smile.  I write this with a tear in my eye and remember all the good times I had - and am glad she was my teacher. My hen do partly involved a visit to St Swithun’s and Miss Pope agreed to take part and open the Staff Room door pretending to look cross and then invited us all in for some fizz. It could not have been part of a more perfect weekend as that was the place I made some lifelong friendships.   When i saw her in 2017 as a guide in the Cathedral I had my two little boys by my side and said "Hello Miss Pope" and she said "don't be silly call me Joanna" and I said "no you are always Miss Pope to me" and she smiled. People have an impact on you and they do not always realise it. Tell them while you can.
Sad news indeed. She had a big impact on me at school. I will never forget flipping pancakes and one flying through the open window and landing below, narrowly missing Mr Clark’s gorgeous car. She remarked that perhaps I should pretend the frying pan was a lax stick! Always flip my pancakes the same way! Also my shocking lack of ability to sew - she was so patient despite the frustration she must have felt watching me attempt to thread a needle for the 100th time!
How sad - we are losing all the staff of our generation. Legends. Such memories!  

Sad news. I was not a successful student in her lessons but she did not hold that against me! I met her quite a few times since I retired and moved back here and she was always a delight. She will be much missed by the Winchester U3A too.
I worked with her on the charity distribution thing and got in trouble from my mother for being late to pick up as a result. But Miss Pope made the work feel important.
Sad news. I met her not long ago when showing a friend around the Cathedral, she was explaining St Swithun’s shrine. As many have said as our L IV form mistress, she set the waypoints for our school days
Oh how sad, she was one of the loveliest teachers there. I still cannot eat an apple without thinking of her calling the nasty core bits 'toenails'!
Very sad to hear this, I always think of her when I am baking and trying to be organised as she taught us to be when doing home economics GCSE.
Sad news, what a great lady.
Sad news. She was never very impressed by my dress making skills and would still be horrified today but have so many fond memories particularly of home economics and lardy cake of all things. X
I have fond memories of Miss Pope's no nonsense approach to domestic science with a sense of humour.
Oh, that’s really sad... I still remember her voice every time I tap a glass bowl with a spoon and regularly saw her until only recently guiding at the Cathedral.  So sad, would very much like to know about the service details
Oh so sorry to read this. I have such fond memories of her.
Sewing buttons and making puff pastry are inexorably linked with Miss Pope, I think of her every time I attempt either of those things. Sad to hear of her passing.
That is such sad news. I have regularly seen Joanna in the Cathedral and will miss her warm welcome. RIP Joanna
She was a legend with a heart of gold. So many memories from the orange recipe book to a Swiss Roll disaster (mass hysteria as a Swiss Roll fell through the greaseproof paper and rolled across the floor as we gathered to demonstrate our efforts!) and dire warnings about needles not safely kept in a pin cushion (and I still freak out at loose needles!). Very fond memories of a wonderful lady. Loving reading all of these recollections.
Although I did giggle a lot through her sewing lessons, I realise how much she taught me as every time I sit down at my sewing machine (like today) I appreciate how much I learnt from her.
Just thinking of her whilst making pizza that was the best cooking lesson. Junket was less popular!
I too have thought of her many, many times over the years and have very fond memories of time spent with her. I have ended up running my own curtain making business, leading to working with a truly amazing interior designer. Like SVS - I still dread losing needles!  What an impact she has had on so many of us.
Very sad to hear this news. She was an excellent teacher.
One of the all time greats, great memories of Home Ec even though I agree HB, I still cannot use a sewing machine. RIP Miss Pope x
Sad news. My first form teacher LIVP. She had a huge impact me. RIP Miss Pope. X
Sad news - I started at SS in Lower IV P - Miss Pope was one of the elite group of nicer teachers!
She was one in a million. An incredible, inspiring teacher whose legacy will live on in all those whose lives she touched
I still have my little orange exercise book with recipes and descriptions of cooking methods and types of pastry. Home Economics was Miss Pope. Rest in peace
Ah the orange recipe book! So many memories flooding back with all these lovely comments!!!
So do I. She left an impression on all of us x
She instilled in me a love of cooking that remains to this day! I always think of her whenever I make bread or marmalade and, indeed, macaroni cheese (I never do make pastry - I know my limits).
I also learnt my limits courtesy of Miss P. She would tell me "it’s good you are so adept at talking and at English, isn’t it Miss Lee" (ie because you can’t cook or sew)!
I still have the little orange recipe book and learning sewing from her was one of the most useful practical skills I have.. quite useful doing surgery too !
I still use the recipe but add a little extra brandy these days!
I too still have the little orange recipe book - a piece of history and great memories that will never been thrown away. Such sad news
I also have my little orange book from 1968, plus a red one called "Look and cook". We made orange marmalade first...and pastry…happy days
My little orange book is from at least 1988 and we were still making orange marmalade first!
Very sad to hear
I too still have my orange book. I also remember the time when she dressed up as Pop-eye and Miss Davies as Noddy and we all thought they didn't know their nicknames.
I’ve just remembered Miss Pope (can’t call her Joanna) invited her A level home Ec students to dinner at her house in Teg Down, I remember it being a real honour! Does anyone else recall this?
Miss Pope is the only reason I can sew on a button and that I don’t have to resort to badge glue for my eldest daughters brownie badges! One in a million X
I still use my gingham bag for sewing accessories that I made with Miss Pope nearly 40 years on. 
So sorry to hear this news xx
That is so sad, she was so lovely xx
I have latterly become a Food and Nutrition teacher. So much of what I say comes straight from Miss Pope!
It is amazing how many of us still have our little orange recipe book. Goes to show what an amazing teacher she was. Yes, quite scary, but taught us all the basics on which to develop classic cooking skills. Sad news.
Miss Pope was my favourite teacher. I must have spent hours and hours in her company! Remembering the first domestic science lesson learning how to make chocolate krispies to the hours and hours of my A level Home Economics. She was a wonderful, kind hearted and jolly teacher who I adored! I hid all of my washing up in the cupboards in my exams (as she recommended) and she would always wash up with me at the end!  I saw her in September this year at the Old Girls day and told her how wonderful she had been at school and how much I appreciated what she had done to my love of cooking and good food. She laughed and smiled. I remember the dinner we went to at her house. What an amazing lady. She will live on in my heart and cooking forever. RIP Miss Pope
Whenever there are cheese straws anywhere, I scoff because they haven't arranged them properly.
No cheese straw without thoughts of Miss Pope...   I used to be prefect for her form and had to check the tidiness of the girls’ desks. Thank goodness I was never in her form myself as I would have never made the grade.
What lovely reminisces of Miss Pope. She taught me it’s about sewing and cookery and I remember her giving me a lift back from Totnes after a geography field trip to Slapton and I had made a stopover with family. A great drive back although I was slightly scared that it might be awful, she was very kind. RIP
I often say to my kids ‘Miss Pope wouldn’t approve’ when they do crazy things in the kitchen
Did anyone else do the Thursday night cookery club with the boys from Winchester College? So much fun! She utterly terrified them, I don’t think they had ever encountered a teacher like her.
Yes I remember having such a laugh at cookery club even though things always seemed to go wrong with my food and she always had to come to the rescue (that still happens actually - thankfully my husband is a good cook). And do you remember the massive collars on those dresses we made in U4?! So glad we went to the reunion and saw her a few years ago.
I think I still have my shirt I made in needlework - about my only commendation.
Sad news. She was a teacher to remember.
What a woman! She would drive a small group of us to visit the elderly every Wednesday after school. So very, very grateful that I had the opportunity last year to tell her what a positive impact she had on me... and others.
Sad news indeed. Fond memories of cookery and Cookery Club with Win Col and her dress making lessons - I made a summer dress, which I wore during the summer term.
Ah Cookery Club! There cannot be many teachers with the humour and fortitude to invite a group of excitable teenagers into their classroom let alone kitchen!
Yes, I still have the orange recipe book! 47 years on! I remember she made me redo my sampler in sewing time and again and taught me good basic cooking skills that I use to this day.
What a wonderful woman, such sad news.

 I remember her taking a few of us to the pub when we were in the 6th form. I raise a glass to her now.  A wonderful teacher and a lovely person. Sad news.
So very sad to see this, she was an excellent teacher with considerable empathy and imagination. She used to live not far from us in Devon and even gave me a lift home once for half term.  She is quite often in my thoughts, RIP.  I too have the original hardback recipe book that I started with her, that and the next one are in regular use and still writing in them as well.